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Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Street Full of Petals

Life seeps away with falling blossoms,
Spring leaves left behind,
Wet petals everywhere!


Friday, May 26, 2017

The leaves of summer

Let the sap of summer nourish me,
like a small bough,
with a leaf stuck for life to its limb.
Let the autumn wind care for my soul.
So what if winter crawls over my roots!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I don't know what it is, I never saw it before!  Maybe it's one of those dangerous immigrant things from over there!

Oh well, it is kind of cute. Let's wait a while, and see.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time Warp Tree

This piece of Urban Flora is a prime example of a Time Warp Tree.  Notice how it is confused and out of focus!  This specimen is carrying a whole forest of wilted fall leaves, and uncountable leaves that simply refused to fall.  Even the winter snow cannot discourage these soggy hangers on (or, if you like, hanger ons).  Looking carefully, we see greenish leaves still clinging on from last summer.  Notice as well the half enclosed trunk.  What is that about?

And to completely sadden one,  this Time Warp Tree is trying to shelter not tulips, not boxwood, but ice-encrusted garbage bags!  How thankless, yet noble. Time Warp Tree also appears to be wearing a tree-sized friendship bracelet.  Sigh.

Time Warp Tree with Red Tree-Friendship Bracelet

Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Speed Reading

A blank page has nothing, no nothing at all,
but it makes itself over with letters and scrawl,
nevertheless it remains quite pristine
on the edges and margins and spaces between
all those letters and such that don’t matter much
so if I recall it at all
then one word in twenty is plenty.

Early (really early) Magnolia buds in Conservancy Garden

I've sped read through more books than I can count, and I am really and truly great at it. I have become so proficient that I need only drive by a bookstore to read a book, much like ConEd reads meters. (You may not be aware of the special radio-frequency chips inserted in the spines of most best sellers.) So of course I think you should try it!

Here's How: Open your eyes wide, and focus on your smart phone (how do you think that phone got so smart? Downloads!) Anyway, focus, focus. Concomitantly, Flick the pages past with a suitable finger; I prefer the two middle finger method.

Now, work hard at remembering a few of these senders. Orbitz? Home something? Restoration Hardware? I'm sure you can recall your own favorite fly-bys.

Have a beautiful day with snow and sparkle

Thursday, January 23, 2014

On attempting to discover the steps on the way outside
Front Steps

On Attaining Footing on the Sidewalk
Sidewalk and Tree Bed

On Achieving a Restaurant that is Opened
Complete Strangers Dining in a Turkish Restaurant

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ponderosa Pine a la Georgia O'Keeffe in the Santa De Cristo Mountains

Lara C. and Bodie C. sustain one another on a treacherous and exhausting climb up Copper Gulch into the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Undaunted, our brave photographer stopped at nothing and recorded this event for all of us.

Ponderosa Pine (?) a la Georgia O'Keeffe

Lara, Bodie and a Ponderosa Pine20131225-_AAC0319.jpg
Lara, Bodie, and Ponderosa after treacherous hike

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas in Crestone Colorado

We are surrounded with beauty, with visions of sugar plums dancing!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Illegally Parked Tree Saved by Bystander

Through little fault of it's own, El Innocente, an otherwise law-abiding tree, is seriously illegally parked.  El Innocente is not only within a few feet of a Fire Hydrant, but it is also in a clearly marked No Parking Zone.  Thank Goodness our Bystander arrived in time!

Several parking tickets had already been attached by the Authorities in the Department, but El Innocente was unable to pay them.  As our hero arrived on the scene, an Official was already attaching the Tow!  We all know what the Department does with Towed Trees --  well, I don't even want to talk about it.

Thankfully, Bystander was allowed to pay the outstanding tickets and to establish the El Innocente Ticket Paying Trust in Perpetuum Fidite.

We are all  exceedingly grateful.

Tree parked illegally on Park Avenue and 94h Street

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the Nature of Context and Infrastructure

There once was a leaf named Horatio
Who was looking around for a way to show
How grand he would be in a color photo.

Leaf loved his gorgeous physique and technique,
Leaf was certain his hue was unique, what mystique!
Leaf was strong not dependent not weak, but a sheik!

All alone
On his own
He had grown.

Take a photo of Me, said he, not the tree!
What good is a tree to a Me?

trunk with red leaf20130517-DSC_2987.jpg

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On the Art of Self discovery

Robin, Robin Redbreast, where art thou?
"I’m sitting in a tree but I don’t know how;
I ended up here on this limb somehow."
You flew around and landed there as simple as can be.
"You’re very funny so they say, but why me instead of thee?"
You silly bird I’ll tell you why,
It’s difficult for me to fly,
But you have feathers and wings and things!
"I do? Oh my Gosh! Are these things wings?"

Central Park Magnolia Tree Getting Ready for Spring

Addendum from Vera A. of Denver

Standing tall upon the crest,
greeting Spring - Robin redbreast.

Looking regal, fat and firm
Scanning for a nice March worm.

Gingerly testing out his skill.
Can I still do the robin trill?

What a voice! You're right on track.
We're so glad to see you back.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love and the Drop Off Points

What happens when love takes the time to strengthen,
what happens if it passes,
and the day tomorrow leaves behind
is chilled and withed,
holding us without a chance,
at the drop off point where death takes over,
how can we hold the weary fort,
when battle scars the very heart of the earth.

How can we love without knowing,
how can we hold on without a knotted center
keeping us from flying off,
how can I watch the day die
and still live to see the morning
sneaking back to life against the sallow sky?

I did, and then I turned around
and just walked out of the picture.

What could I do?
I didn't know how to talk it over.

magnolia buds in December_2276.jpg
Magnolia Buds in December, Central Park

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Fall leaf

Worn on the edges 
  like an old hem 


  Smelling of dawn

Horse Chesnut, three years old!

Monday, August 20, 2012

An Afternoon Nap, Maybe

The fruit is hanging low;
It’s late. the season’s over.
If you were here (and I knew where)
I’d find a hayloft for an afternoon,
in my mind of course.
Those sticky straws
green and new-mown as they are,
 are very hard to sleep on. 
I have a feather bed I bought, though.
It doesn’t seem like much to give.
but you might want to wait and see.*

* I switched this photo with the blog from four blogs down!

Monday, August 6, 2012

An Evergreen with a Vagabond Gene

I’m a small evergreen with a vagabond gene,
 I was dropped in this root in July.
It's a deciduous tree, yet it’s perfect for me,
although, I can’t figure out why.

It seems pretty clear Tree knows that I’m here,
but I haven’t caused any frustration.
Tree knows I’m a tree but not that I’m me,
with my evergreen orientation.

Now it happens that Tree has been sheltering me
from the wind and the sleet and the rain.
We’ve been bonding it seems, with our schemes and our dreams,
we’re so different, it’s hard to explain.

By the time Tree perceives I’m not losing my "leaves",
I will probably seem like the norm.
We have plans for our life, so whatever the strife,
together we’ll weather the storm. 

In The Curled Root of My Deciduous Tree

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Discovering a Very Interesting Something Hidden Away in the Trees

I became uninvolved in advance today,
As odd as that may seem.
It seemed like the best I could do, you see
To retain my self-esteem
I’ve decided it wouldn’t work out, work out
There is no point in checking it out, it out
I shall murder those feelings I cannot endure,
I’ll trample the seedlings before they mature!
There are plenty of fish in the sea so they say
Uninvolved, unwary, unwed and un-gay.
So why do I feel such remorse and regret
When nothing has happened as yet, as yet?

Just Off the East Reservoir Path, Central Park

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Blue Spruce Ignores the Old

What a difference!  Where is  Old blue spruce? The tried and true Blue who made it through the winter?  It's camouflaged, lost behind the new-born  sprigs: hardy, untested, bursting with vigor, unaware.

Hello tree, it's me!
20120410-Blue Spruce Window DSC_1004
April 17
May 14

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweetgum Ball Coalesces Into Spring

Time passes,
Days flake off the year.
There are no ticking watersheds to mark the seasons, 
Boundaries thin, edges blur, the suppositions juxtapose.
Sweetgum Balls spring up in April, full of soft green nubs
Marking the future birth of the spikes.
Tempered by summer-scorch and monsoon rains,
blessing the nativity with beautiful protection, 
 hanging witness to creeping winter,
Tearing up the cold March winds,
Standing guard for the new yellow buds.

Central Park Sweetgum tree ball 171