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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts for Sale

Thoughts for sale, thoughts for sale!
A thought for a penny, three for a dime!
I’ll take that one please, the one in the corner over there.
Not that one, silly, the one with the wispy scarf, and I’d like the bumper sticker.
Well, yes, I’m on a road trip, I’m travelling.
I saw the ocean awhile ago. Waves and all. Soft and blue with a washed gravel sea urchin tide pool.
Yes, North-Northwest. Upper California. Those cold water blue pacific cliffs are something.
Oh I don’t care, whatever slogans are on sale, I guess.
Tell me, do you still carry those pale yellow thoughts with the dark centers?
Yes, I did like them as well, but I’ve had my fill.
Just for awhile, might you let me have that one with embered words and kind at heart?
Oh, I just like it I guess. I’ll give it back, you know, if I have to.