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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Poetry Of Life

Let the plant wither if it must, the seed fell days ago;
Stuck in a pod, half blind, trapped in a cold puddle,
Like some muddied, pock-marked, leftover snowball.
Too dismal to throw.
I have nothing to do but hibernate.
What am I some kind of iced-over, frost bitten hedgehog?

I’m shrinking! 
How can this be with all these trickles?
I’m down to a husk of a thing, rattling around like some blind-sided snail.
I’m dying out here!
Or  maybe drying; at least things are improving,
I mean how can I do anything about it?

I’ve been crunched by a rabid runner and stuffed into a furrow!
I think I’ll cry...yes...
Wait a minute, what is that streaming stuff?
Is it dirt?  Is it Sun?  Is it Rain?
I’m growing! 
Help! I’m being resurrected!











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Monday, June 8, 2015

One Year Ago ~ Brownstone Demolition Underway!

Well, perhaps it isn't EXACTly a Classic Brownstone.  So maybe it's a BrickStone Brownstone, but regardless, it has the Very Soul of a Brownstone!  And what is a Brownstone anyway?  It is a spirit matter, is it not?

James Alleyne (Contractor) & Godfrey Griffith (Architect):  June 2014

Upstairs Beautiful 3-Window room--Before (June 2014)
Bathroom Before ...(June 2014)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Boiler Room...

Seriously?  This is more than I want to know about mechanicals!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

On Making a Sustainable House

I’m dizzy and ditzy as a bee can be.
Yet to be a bee is not for me,
I am simply too busy to be a bee,

IN fACT….I would like to know where all those behive engineers and botanists are! Where are the gardeners, the tree surgeons, the cultivators and the rose grafters?  It is time to unite behind the latest and greatest sustainable home design in the history of –well, the World.--  WE ARE GOING TO GROW A HOUSE.

Why put up with all those joints and connections and what nots? Why not just manufacture a couple of seeds with a few house chromosomes? You know, a few plumbing stem cells, an electronic segment, a brick and mortar constructor? Sheet rock?

What is a house but a few organs and an inner and outer skin? Of course, there’s some insulation for fat, a couple of entrances and egresses to manage maintenance, processing and waste. We just need a nice drainage system and some plumbing for circulation to carry the oxygenated water around.

Can you experts not design a special cross-linked polyethylene heated water lymph system? A nervous system, cable and fiber ready?

After all, it’s a house, not a nuclear reactor! Squirrels do it, wasps do it, bears hibernate in it, and of course there are all those incredibly beautiful birds!
Well, you know what I mean.

Young Man Building a House
Potential House Growers Fleeing Brooklyn to Avoid Responsibility!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Brooklyn Brownstone Renovation: Six cellar graveyards full of Boulders...

Small Boulder on Way to Final Resting Place

Emerging from the Tombs of Darkness

(Please tell me the Architect did not just say "Oops! I forgot the drains")
Cellar Stairs, Backyard

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn Brownstone Cellar Saga

If, while rooting through the unconscious cellar of your soul,
In order to expand your conscious awareness,
And to relieve your self of the burdens of your childhood (for example),
And if you happen to come across a very, very big obstacle,


Some things are better off buried, so just dig down another few feet.

Jan with a shovel attempts to remove one ton boulders from just beneath the cellar surface

Brownstone Cellar Excavation -- Tons of Boulders!

Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant Cellar revision near the Olde Coal Shoot

Thursday, October 2, 2014