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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Brooklyn Brownstone Renovation: Six cellar graveyards full of Boulders...

Small Boulder on Way to Final Resting Place

Emerging from the Tombs of Darkness

(Please tell me the Architect did not just say "Oops! I forgot the drains")
Cellar Stairs, Backyard

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Incense Cleanse for a Battered Cellar

Darkness recedes as we begin the final cellar clearing. Oh what fun to run your fingers through the cool, loose granules! Rich and loamy, untouched for 115 years!

Cellar Incense

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn Brownstone Cellar Saga

If, while rooting through the unconscious cellar of your soul,
In order to expand your conscious awareness,
And to relieve your self of the burdens of your childhood (for example),
And if you happen to come across a very, very big obstacle,


Some things are better off buried, so just dig down another few feet.

Jan with a shovel attempts to remove one ton boulders from just beneath the cellar surface

Brownstone Cellar Excavation -- Tons of Boulders!

Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant Cellar revision near the Olde Coal Shoot

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At Home in Bed-Sty

Elegant lady sips from a Coconut in Bedford Stuyvesant


1.  Walk casually around, as you usually do.
2.  Stop in front of an environment that is unusual for you.

     (This could be an alien shop or  peculiar tree ((to you)), or simply the contents of a coffee shop or an elevator.)
3.  You guessed! Fit In!   Become a part of the environment.  How do you think?  Walk? Sound? How is your posture? 
4.  Take mental photo, or better yet an actual one to include in a text to somebody.