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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hello from Sinclair Green

Ever vigilant, Green Sinclair turns his head just so and sniffs, becoming more and more of this severely physcal plane.


Friday, September 2, 2016

The Legend of the Sleeping Green Dinosaur

Once upon a time, back in the day, when the wild Green Dinosaurs roamed the West, a small green spotted egg accidentally rolled out of its nest. Down it tumbled into the deepest and darkest of the Western Canyons.

There, as time would have it, Egg with Green Spots was covered with cold, moist silt. Eons past, and the moist earth rose and fell with the waves of time, tossing Egg about like a ball, and finally dropping Egg far away in the high, dry, Colorado Desert.

And there Egg with Green Spots sat. Egg thought about hatching, but why? What good would it do to roam the empty Earth, without a family or a purpose? “Where is my Dharma now!” cried Egg. “It has come and gone with the desert tides, and I will stay here until I molder”.

So Egg with Green Spots settled in, waiting for the dreary end of things. But one day, there came a sort of rattle!

 “Oh Dear!” Egg uttered with a squeak. “Is this the dreaded Egg-with-Green-Spots-Eating snake I heard about in my nest? “

And all at once, an Iron thing with teeth grabbed onto Egg, and scrapping away at the dry desert dust, it poked a hole in the shell!

“Help!” cried out Egg. “Help me! What’s happening to me!? I’m not an Egg, I’m a small Green Dinosaur inside a shell!!” ….

 “Wh-wha-what’s that moving outside my hole?” Green stuck out an exploratory nose.

“Sniff!” said Green.

“What the Heck is that?” said a Voice. “Hey, Sinclair, Look what I found over here.” He said, grabbing the squirming, wet and squeaking Green, who went limp with confusion.

“Uh Oh," said Green, as he regained his strength.  "What’s that strange happy stuff coming over me?”

“It’s sunshine,” said Sinclair.

Well, you know the rest of the story. Green grew to love the dry Colorado sunshine, and the people streaming by. So every evening, when no one watches, Green cuddles up for a cool nap. And every morning, when the road is empty and the station is resting, Green walks softly over to take it's place among the sacred rocks and legends of the West.

Fairplay, Colorado-from the bus

Mission for the Day:
1. Find something on your shelf you cherished once. Do you hardly see it anymore?
2. Remember when you came to have it?
3. Maybe take it in your hand and watch it for 20 seconds.
4. See again the circumstance when it came to you.