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Saturday, October 26, 2013

On The Nature of Multi-Tined Forks

I have a friend who lives in Forksville. Not one fork every now and then, but a fork deluge! A tempest full of forks!
Eveywhere you turn, another Fork! Where is the road among all those forks? Fork here, fork there everywhere a fork, fork.
Wait! Why not take two forks at a time? . Who would know if one fork simply superimposed? Why make these tough decisions? Take Both Forks! It’s so simple really.

Calm sets in without a storm,
Action pushes out reflection,
Leading at last to satisfaction.
Of a sort.
Don’t you wonder now and then
Where all those might have beens have been
While you were waning melancholic
Waxing upon the hyperbolic?
There’s something in choosing anyway
In keeping morose vacillations at bay
There something in having a positive pull
Of seeing the glass as perpetually full.
Of sticking in optimism mode,
Of trudging along that happy road .

Why wait for another spin of the cards,
Another day of fond discards,
Another roll of the Ferris wheel, another wager, another deal,
Another grab for the golden ring, another prayer on another wing?

Colorado back road 20130823-DSC_3423.jpg
Colorado Back Road