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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spirit Holiday

I know I missed Easter and Wester, and You,
Thanksgiving and Chrismas, Columbus Day too,
but my Spirit was with you; I had to make do!
I even discovered a secret or two:
The seasons keep rolling the hour glass sifts,
regardless of whether or not I exist.
If I don’t pay attention the matter at hand
continues along just as though it were planned,
Not by me,
Never mind!
I’ve got plenty to do,
without thinking about how
to discuss it with you!
Not that I wouldn’t enjoy the exchange,
If it weren’t so totally hard to arrange.
I think I’ll go look for a wish and a star.
I found one! My gosh! And it isn’t that far!
What a beauty, oh my! Has it always been there?
In my eyes, in my care,
It’s just too much to bear.

Easter in Central Park ~ 2015