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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Summer Palate

Long ago & far away
That exquisite string of life sewed us to the earth.
Clotheslines climbing over backyards,
Wet sheets bleached by sunshine,
Breezes lifting up the drying edges.
Water from a vacation spring,
Iron spigot smelling cold,
Quivering leaf reflections,
Mountain muddy,
Washed in micro-studded sand.
Magic waters alive with  sharp spruce,
Blue jays and hummingbirds,
Grey rough pine twigs snapped off for kindling. 
Doorway dreams of Grizzly Bears attacking porches
Just in time for morning.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Full-Mooned Night

Let's trace these shadows to the waiting passions in the night,
wide and awake, lit by lamps and a filling moon,
swollen and aching in that persevering tide,
shoving, pulsing, playing in the helpless heart,
lifted by a cresting wave, tossed by love.
Too much life,
At last!

(Remember those crunchy, thin-iced winter puddles with their frozen, yellowed leaves?)
Nov29Dusk 017