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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today I Wake Up Dreaming

I see a tingle, over there along the graveyard gravel,
inching through the spirit spaces, envy raging.
Waking up a day ahead and a day before.
A clay dream, cast in rolling hissing mud-stained patched up
     cross-hatched yesterdays;
trapped in the remnants of a horseshoe crab.

Or do I wake up dreaming on a shore with lemon grass?
Shining in the satin shallows
Thriving in the seaweed
Chasing marlin in blue waters
Love cross-stitched across the morning
Closing up the hallowed edges.

Untermyer Fountain, French Conservancy Garden
The sculpture came to Central Park in 1947 after the death of Samuel Untermyer. It is a cast of the original. Just how Untermyer acquired the sculpture from the Berlin original or had the cast made remains a mystery. (The Official Website of Central Park)