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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Moment in the Life of "Bodie, the Border Collie"

I have to have my sustenance; it's not about me.
All day I’ve been out herding, so I’m thirsty, you see.
I’ve been herding here and herding there,
Herding birds and rabbits,
But I can't keep them anywhere.
They have such terrible habits!
I know, I know the saying goes  ‘a watched bowl will not melt’
But what else is there for me do? This is the hand I’ve been dealt.
Maybe I could howl and  yowl and bark and learn to scratch,
Or maybe I can meditate awhile and just detach,
Or maybe I can figure out how to work the latch!
I know what’s going to happen though; I’m going to  have to eat some snow.
I know how to do it, and it isn't too bad,
Just take a bite,and sit tight, and let it melt a tad.
Crestone, back porch with Bodie