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Friday, May 24, 2013

White on Dark

Foggy Rupert Towers fades away into white

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the Nature of Context and Infrastructure

There once was a leaf named Horatio
Who was looking around for a way to show
How grand he would be in a color photo.

Leaf loved his gorgeous physique and technique,
Leaf was certain his hue was unique, what mystique!
Leaf was strong not dependent not weak, but a sheik!

All alone
On his own
He had grown.

Take a photo of Me, said he, not the tree!
What good is a tree to a Me?

trunk with red leaf20130517-DSC_2987.jpg

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nothing Says May Like Lilacs!

If on your travels today you stumble upon a lilac, breath deeply and remember another spring day, almost like this very one, when a lilac walked into your heart.

May Lilacs in the Conservancy Gardens, Central Park

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elegantly Spring

Our Weeping Willow was damaged in Hurrican Sandy, but look at her now! Nothing is so elegantly spring.

Just West of the Harlem Meer, Central Park, April

Post title

It’s the daily-ness that wore me down,
the over and over and on and on.

Winter thudding along, mashing thoughts of spring into the muddy creases,

Waiting, waiting. Will nothing ever happen?
I am frozen like fingers on a frost-bit doorknob.
No don’t try to open it, I’ve tried.

Oh, it’s the daily-ness of winter, where is spring?
How can I stop this brain-dead dialog,
conjuring up a wrinkled copy of last year’s anticipation?
Can't I give it one more try?
Force out one more inaudible day?

Waiting on the curbs and playgrounds,
watching through the doors and windows,
trudging after draining, unmet expectations
along that repetitious path into another afternoon.

I saw the yellow first and then that somehow different green:
transparent, sun-lit, red-tipped, replicating life.
Sun slanting and shifting through the afternoon showers,
breaking into rainbows.

English Conservancy Garden, April 2013

English Conservancy Gardens, Central Park April 2013