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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Manhattan at Night, From the Brooklyn Bridge

A small rat noses down the puddled track bed,
Hunched up night-shifters wait for a train.
Elevators at attention with doors closed,
They’re working late on the 32nd floor.

Manhattan at Night ~ from the Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Access Points

Did you ever think your heart got unzipped and didn’t go back together right? Did you let your inside out and just find a chill in the sinews? Did you still leave a little open space just in case a key fit one more time into that stitched-up secret door?

Well, I wish I knew more about it.
There’s a small ache I remember though, a little core of a thing, no bigger than a raindrop hanging on a lilac leaf. Summer, it was summer, not a cold February day with a frozen wind. A summer raindrop, hanging from the center vein. Yes, a heart shaped lilac leaf, dark green. Not red and gnawed from too many interruptions.