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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Colorado UnEdited

On the way to Crestone...

Drawing closer .....

Crestone Community Flower Planting... 
Larry C.
Linda Jo C.

*Note for those who do either do not get or do not open email...
Hello Everyone,

Here I am in Colorado in the gorgeous early June green. These photos are unedited, since I am on a MAC that I don't understand.

I know I can't exactly make this a mission for the day, but if
you can arrange it, even in dead of eary morning or late night, get a small plant, and sneak it into a tree bed or a nearby plot. Be aware, though, that it then becomes your very own and may need watering--unless, of course, you can purchase a very hardy New York Street Plant.

Love and best wishes for a blossom-filled day,
Linda Jo

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Promises Wait for Another New Day

The midnight sky is stuffed with moonlight,
but you wouldn’t know it from the afternoon,
filled with grey rain along the edges.

Two figures walk along the empty road,
foreground vivid with the here and now,
while the vanishing point draws relentless close.

What destinies wait behind that grey horizon,
waiting for the early sun to polish up
those dreams we left for dead the night before.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Grow a house, reprise (from Peter D. and Larry J.C.)

Hello Linda Jo

I will share my experience on creating or growing a house, as you requested from your friends. First of course, you must accept the fact that I'm a friend and that the request includes me.

I built my first house when I was 13 with the help of my then best friend, Ludwig (Luddy).
It was in the in the midst of a deeply wooded area, but actually about 40 yards from my parents's house (just in case). The sides were made from orange crate slats - or maybe Apple crates. I don't remember. The roof was cardboard, procured from the local grocery. We told the owner we needed them because our parents were moving. It was merely a white lie because it was The Great Depression and our parents moved often. But the roof was not water proof and was rather mushy after the first drizzle. To us, it was the precursor of Hurricane Sandy. But we were determined and sneaked into a junk yard and found some corrugated tin. It was not considered stealing since it was a junk yard. Sort of. It was large enough to cover our 5 feet by 6 feet house. Not quite tall enough for us to stand but adequate for a guest or two, invited because they had taken a couple of cigarettes from their father's pack .

You are welcome to grow your next house in this manner. However you may need further help in getting a certificate of occupancy

Happy New Year, Linda Jo


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These mind-blowing houses are made from living trees!
April 29, 2014     


Saturday, April 19, 2014


Brooklyn : Stage 1: acquire 1 three story house....

Larry C., Linda J.C., James A. Observing Vibes


Welcome to Brooklyn!