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Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Thinking Back to Summer

Edgy and exhausted, broken,
held together like safety glass,
walking around covered with clothes,
inside shivering in the dull sun.
Heart careening from chakra to chakra
looking for a place to mend.
How is the sky still a happy blue,
with all those clouds scratching?
Dry green leaves scraping over each other,
pretending its still summer.
Grated afternoons garnishing that shrunken hot dog,
withered down to a shriveled string.
How did it look so plump under that awful sauerkraut?

Colorado Late Summer Squiva Trained Picnic Model

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meet Esquilito!
Esquilito is a young theatrical arts student from the The Squilliard School for Modeling and Movies in Brazil.  It is obvious from the beautiful positioning, arching and transparency of Esquilito’s tail that he has been trained by our own Central Park Squiva.  Indeed, The Squilliard School is the latest Academy to be created by Squiva, who is the Artistic Director and Founder.  Esquilito has been entrusted with a message for us:

My Dear Beloved Fans, admirers and members of the National Union of The Squirrels,

I am disappointed to tell you that starting the Brazilian school has been ghastly difficult!  The existing training is so poorly conceived that it is all I can do to keep up my spirits.   But, I know Brazil needs my special talents, training, and artistry!  Please welcome my little Esquilito, who will be my liaison while I am away in these sticky surroundings.  Monkeys!  Yes... I don’t know where to start...

Anyway, Esquilito is a very exceptional student as you can see, and will be ever available to further my every whim.

Best wishes to each and every one of my admirers and NUTS members.
I am truly and gratefully yours,

Esquilito, Student & Liaison for Squiva and The Squilliard School in Brazil

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Squiva Shows Us The Healing Side

Beautiful and talented Squiva has decided to allow us to see the how wonderful the healing is going on the right side/1  Squiva'srecent poses were carefully organized to minimize any view of this side.   It's so nice to see Squiva having a total recovery! 

20120311-Squiva DSC_0811.jpg
Squiva in a Berry Tree, almost completely healed from the trauma last fall

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Squiva Pauses for a Nut

I was so excited!  Squiva is back from the coast. look at the wonderful sheen and plumpness that has been "acquired".  (I put that in quotation marks, because after all, it was Southern California and one never knows exactly what procedures take place.)  We had a short visit in Squiva's old territory south of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on the hill north of the path.  Squiva is so happy to be in such fine health that I was allowed to  publish this natural shot.

Nevertheless, even without a fluffy pose, Squiva cannot resist a superb turn of the tail.  We love you, Squiva!

20120305- squiva in pause DSC_0770.jpg

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Squiva Signorina

Finally, I got a message from Squiva, who is back from the Coast. Nevertheless, Squiva was unavailable to spend much time owing to a previous modeling commitment. There is not too much time when you are at the top of your profession, and running an Academy to boot.

We did get to spend some time with one of one of Squiva's very close relations, who is in primary school. Meet Squiva Signorina, who was born uptown near Fifth Avenue. Signorina is showing exceptional talent as a young model. We snapped this shot during a short break from her tail lessons. Isn't she a cutie?

Squiva Signorina

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Squirrel Suspended in Maze

Our poor squirrel Dusk, a close relative of Squiva, is suspended in a labyrinthian maze of directions for setting up and networking a new Mac Error--oops!!  I mean Mac Air (of course I do).  Up?  Down?  Call support?  Wait for the new Router-That-Will-Handle-Everything-Both-WPA-&-WEP? "Will it tell me the route off of this limb I'm out on?"  Oh my poor Dusk.


 Hang on!  Help might arrive!  After all, didn't we pay $245 for 3 years of 24/7 help?  Help!  Where is my phone? Will  somebody please call for support?  It's getting dark soon, and I need to eat my nuts!

20120205-squirrel caught in apple maze DSC_0681.jpg

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Squiva's Modelling Institute and Agency

Remember I mentioned a few days ago that I had discovered another of Squiva's students on location, but as usual we needed to obtain clearance from the National Union of the Squirrel (NUTS) in order to post the candid shot.  Indeed, this is one of Squiva's stars.  Look at the tail mastery!  Just the right amount of transparency in the fluff.  Just the exactly correct  curvature.  And isn't it delightful to see how sleek and fat the students are this winter!

From what I hear, Squiva is opening up a branch office for his Institute, location undisclosed.

20111230-Squiva's StudentIMG_3609.jpg

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Golden Winter Berries

Golden Winter Berries, near Squiva's hangout South of the Metroplitan, Squiva appears to be on location.  Florida perhaps? However, we ran across some of his students the other day. We're negotiating the rights to post the photos from the National Union of the Squirrel.

20111230-golden berry tree IMG_3625.jpg

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Robino and Squiva: Blotchy!

Both Robino and Squiva are blotchy for some reason. Maybe the humidity?  The Heat?   Robino (being very high strung and anxious) agreed to this photo regardless, but Squiva!  Squiva came right up to me for a change, but the coat is not doing well.  It is healing, but of course Squiva couldn't bear to appear without everything in total array.  We expect it  to be all better in a month or so.
park squiva and robino aug 5 007

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Squiva Climbs a Tree

Squiva was so busy with modelling jobs during the holiday season that there was really no time to say hello.  Things are quieting down somewhat, and Squiva let me take this picture.  Actually, another photographer was paying the fee, but Squiva decided it would be all right for us to print this surreptitious photo.  "After all" said Squiva, "I might just be climbing a tree because I'm climbing a tree."   See how beautiful and round Squiva has become for winter? 
Squiva 007

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maestro Squiva Teaches Acting

As we know, times are very difficult in the art worlds, even for Union Squirrels!  Squiva has begun giving theatre lessons to young and promising talents simply to make ends meet.  Although Maestro Squiva would not admit it, we think this student prodigy is Squivita l'Noir.  He (or she) is definitely a half-and-half.  Squiva, however, calls the young beauty Noirista. 

The Maestro's training is totally evident, even if Squiva denies any genetic link. The beautifully curved tail  catching the sun, the shy three quarter demeanor, the casual, natural nibble on a nut--these choices are all Classic Squiva. 

squiva south Oct 9 2010

Norista in South Central Park, October 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can It Be?

Finally after months of searching the records, I have identified the subject in the photo below. She or he is Jean-Noir. Jean has been hanging around Squiva's neighborhood since last February!
black squirrel February 2010

Well! this evening I was looking for Squiva to say hello.  Squiva was unavailable, but guess who came out to play?  
sqiva jr.
                      Meet Squivita l'Noir!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rare Archival Photo of Our Squiva's GrandPapa

I was amazed and a little shocked to receive this original photo of GrandPapa Squiva.  He is so like his Grandchild, yet unmistakably not  Our Squiva.  As you probably know, Our Squiva comes from a long line of theatrical people.  Indeed, GrandPapa Squiva was a founding member of the National Union of The Squirrel.  This rare photo is from GrandPapa's youth, when he was still doing extra work.  It  is extracted and enlarged from a Life Magazine advertisement for Tufty FluffyTail Squirrel Educational Cartoons (or a Look advertisements for Mixed Planter's Nuts).
squiva's ancestor
From the Archives of Ahouva Rubenstein

Monday, July 12, 2010

Squiva has an Assignation

Shhhh.  We may not be seeing Squiva for a short while, since I have reason to believe that he/she is on an assignation.  Now we mustn't raise false hopes of new little Squivas; after all, there are several sorts of assignations. It may be an appointment, an engagement or a simple tryst.

Squiva may have gone back to  school to become a Physicians Assistant or an Architect. 

I mean, I have no reason whatsoever to jump to any rendezvous conclusion.

Nevertheless:  the concern with the tail, the obvious effort at fluffing up, the slinking off into a darkened dell, the camouflage of shadow....

Let's take a closer look. 
june 20 004
(zoom,   zoom.)

june 20 004squiva ssignation
Oh Dear.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Attentive Squiva in Three Quarter View

Things are not good economically, as we know.  Not one but two of Squiva's regular clients have cancelled because of poor economic conditions.  Frankly, Squiva is concerned about the rent.  He (or she) asked me couldn't I please use another Union photo, and of course I said yes.  As you can see, we selected the picture in three quarter view to avoid any thinness in the face. Squiva is concerned that the tail is losing a certain fluffy well-being, but I think it is quite beautiful, and Squiva did look much happier after the shoot. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Squiva Searches for a Lost Nut

I had nothing to do in particular, so I thought I'd see if Squiva was around. He or she was getting ready for dinner and hadn't much time. He/She had misplaced a nut last Fall while in a rush to a photo shoot. Squiva was quite clear that I was not to show a face in any photo, since as you know, Squiva is a Union Squirrel. There are guidelines.

Nevertheless, Squiva loves his or her tail and agreed that this photo would not be in disagreement with the rules.
Squiva 3 fix2

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Candid shot of Squiva Leaving the Daffodil Patch

Update Squiva Shoot:  Squiva had to leave the tree in order to go home, and I refused to carry her/him!  I snapped this photo, but of course I couldn't use it.  After all, Squiva is a union squirrel, and I agreed to certain regulations required by the National Union of The Squirrel.  Well, after a period of consideration to allow Squiva to calm down, I showed him or her the photo.   Squiva thought and thought, and looked at the tail.   At last, we made the deal

squiva leaving the shoot

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Squirrel Eats Nut in Daffodil Patch

 have been told more than once that if I want to take photos of squirrels, I need to hire a union squirrel

Finally, I found the listing for the local National Union of The Squirrel.  The price was very reasonable, and my squirrel did show up on time.  He or she called his or herself Squiva, and insisted on sitting in this particular tree;  Squiva would not budge over to the daffodils.  I feel certain Squiva was concerned for his or her tail. 

I do have to say that when I agreed to cooperate, the shoot worked fairly well.  At least Squiva is smiling!

Squirrel smiling with a nut in daffodil patch fix2