Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time Warp Tree

This piece of Urban Flora is a prime example of a Time Warp Tree.  Notice how it is confused and out of focus!  This specimen is carrying a whole forest of wilted fall leaves, and uncountable leaves that simply refused to fall.  Even the winter snow cannot discourage these soggy hangers on (or, if you like, hanger ons).  Looking carefully, we see greenish leaves still clinging on from last summer.  Notice as well the half enclosed trunk.  What is that about?

And to completely sadden one,  this Time Warp Tree is trying to shelter not tulips, not boxwood, but ice-encrusted garbage bags!  How thankless, yet noble. Time Warp Tree also appears to be wearing a tree-sized friendship bracelet.  Sigh.

Time Warp Tree with Red Tree-Friendship Bracelet

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LInda Jo said...

No! No, look closer. Peek. The ice-encrusted garbage bags have been placed on the Time Warp Tree by its friend, The Breeze, to protect the tulips and the boxwood within. The Friendship Bracelet is our clue.