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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Flares in the Late Sun

Suddenly it's a fall sun,
burning cold and golden in the late afternoon.
Trees smeared with hazy leaves,
pale blues and snapping satins,
gay November branches.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Yellow Tree, Fence Posts and MudPuddles

I was swallowing the day whole, Inhaling the deep yellows and wet green, when I chanced upon a new yellow tree, near a set of tall, unattached, helter skelter fence posts. The posts were maybe twelve feet tall.

"What they intend to confine must be extremely big," I thought, and I drew closer.

I saw that New Tree was planted in what appeared to be an old fishing boot!  Could it be that someone intends to use these posts not for a fence, but as a set of pilings meant to hold up a large waterproof basin?  And just what sort of fauna is expected to dwell within this gigantic puddle?

Puddle? Puddle!  Aha! 

Clearly, this basin is meant for neither fauna nor flora, but is another classic Parks Department puddle eradication scheme!  They will attempt to trap each mudpuddle and move it to a sort of mudpuddle reservation in the North End of the park. 

What a relief.  Firstly, the Parks Department will never capture the essence of the puddle, since they are confusing the puddle with the water.  Secondly, even captured water will wait for a leak, vanish underground and find its way back home.  There may be some collateral damage, but all- in- all I suspect our mudpuddles are safe for another season.   

small leaning fall tree (2 of 2)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trees Playing

Master Choreographer Espiritu  creates arboreal Pas de Deux

planting glaiolas 022