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Monday, March 2, 2015

To Brooklyn, progress, and back: A short photo essay

On the J-Train
The J Train in Brookly, across the Williamsburg Bridge

Arriving at Gates Avenue
Beautification of Subway stops: Gates Avenue, Brooklyn

One of 4.5 bathrooms (yes, I know!  It doesn't have a soap dish yet.  But one has to get exactly the Correct Soap Dish!  This bathroom is a beautiful grey and white, although it doesn't look like it here.  It also is a fairly large bathroom--I guess I have to spring for a wide-angle lens like all those other people!

Oh yes.  Indoor plumbing!  What a gift, even without soap dishes and towel

Mission for the day (should you choose to accept it):

1.  Enter into a bathroom; one with tub or shower.  Avoid gas stations, for
2.  Revel in the beauty and convenience of Tile!  Think what a mess the
average shower might make without it.
3.  Check out the very simplicityof a water repellent floor!  Nothing
fancy, just tile, tile, showers, water, toilets with double flush, maybe a
mirror!!!!  A mirror.  What an amazing thing.
Bathroom One, Monroe Street, Brooklyn

No place is more beautiful at night than the view  from the Williamsburg Bridge. 
Lower Manhattan on the East River, from the Williamsburg
The East River Drive going home
Beautiful Bridge.  59th Street Bridge ?B

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home from Savanah! Landing under a full moon

Arriving at LaGuardia under an August full moon

There's just something about bridges at night!

Bridges over Manhattan

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Find Me, I Am Lost!

Find me. I am lost within a fleeting instant
I wasn’t going in, I swear I wasn’t
Not until I found you just a foot away
swimming with laughter
Find me. I am lost without a compass
no roots holding me along the bottom
no way to find the hanging strap
I am lost without a mossy crevice
Look for me again along the empty places
I wasn’t going in, I swear I wasn’t
I didn’t mean to get so far and never find a rudder or a raft 
I didn’t mean to go so far without my safety line
I wasn’t going in, but now I swear I would


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Washing Away the Cares of This World

Meet Sea, our newest water friend.   We were walking along the East River preparing to cast bread into the waters to begin a new chapter in life, and out of nowhere came Sea!  Sea loves to play Air Catch

sept 017.jpg

Player 1 prepares to cast a slice over the rail. We have found that casting away the turmoils of life is so much more beneficial if it also nourishes the creatures of the Sky as well as the Earth.
sept 005.jpg

 Player 2 casts a piece of homemade bread into the waiting wings of Sea.
Jane Yom Kippur 2011