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Monday, March 10, 2014

Tipsy Rail Walker on Jogging Path

Amazing rail-walker survives jogging path trek without a single spot of mud on new shoes. 

Eastside Reservoir jogging path

Friday, May 31, 2013

On Avoiding Self Reflection

Our dedicated Park researchers have identified a very disturbing trend:

 After watching many joggers zigging and zagging for no obvious reason, our researchers submitted their observation to their trusty data warehouse software. The ensuing data analyzing, modeling, graphing, reverse decision-tree detecting, geographic and holographic (AMGRD GH) plotting uncovered a disturbing dynamic. Joggers are avoiding any possibility for self-reflection and that means avoiding mudpuddles.

So far we are not concerned, since the avoidance activity remains passive. Should these same joggers decide the problem is not in themselves but in the mudpuddles, we will have to take action. Although mudpuddles are immortal, they have been forced into hiding and into entirely new locations during past anti-mudpuddle campaigns.

We are standing fast.

North Reservoir Path, Central Park in Late Spring (2013)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Late Winter MudPuddle

There is nothing quite as captivating as a Late Winter MudPuddle, preparing for spring, and with a walking Tree !

20130303Winter mudpuddle-DSC_2582.jpg

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jogger Unaware

Jogger unaware he is falling off the edge of the earth

Central Park Reservoir

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Yellow Tree, Fence Posts and MudPuddles

I was swallowing the day whole, Inhaling the deep yellows and wet green, when I chanced upon a new yellow tree, near a set of tall, unattached, helter skelter fence posts. The posts were maybe twelve feet tall.

"What they intend to confine must be extremely big," I thought, and I drew closer.

I saw that New Tree was planted in what appeared to be an old fishing boot!  Could it be that someone intends to use these posts not for a fence, but as a set of pilings meant to hold up a large waterproof basin?  And just what sort of fauna is expected to dwell within this gigantic puddle?

Puddle? Puddle!  Aha! 

Clearly, this basin is meant for neither fauna nor flora, but is another classic Parks Department puddle eradication scheme!  They will attempt to trap each mudpuddle and move it to a sort of mudpuddle reservation in the North End of the park. 

What a relief.  Firstly, the Parks Department will never capture the essence of the puddle, since they are confusing the puddle with the water.  Secondly, even captured water will wait for a leak, vanish underground and find its way back home.  There may be some collateral damage, but all- in- all I suspect our mudpuddles are safe for another season.   

small leaning fall tree (2 of 2)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Warning! Seductive Suicide Puddle! [Staff Photographer Rachel]

Warning!  Warning!  Suicide Puddle Ahead!
by Staff puddle finder

At approximately 4:22 this afternoon we received a report that a possible Suicide Puddle had been cited near the bridle path underpass directly down from the South Reservoir Pump Station.  Upon investigation it was determined that the requisite Suicide Puddle elements had indeed conflued.  Not only was this puddle Suicidistic but it was also a Seducing Puddle, designed to lure admirers into it's sphere.  A warning cone was placed to mark the spot for pedestrians and moving vehicles such as autos.   

Suicide puddle

Only moments later our Staff Puddle Finder found a woman at the puddle's edge, captivated.  Armed personnel were called, and a rescue was executed.  The woman's identity is obscured using advanced photo technology.
Seductive Suicide Puddle

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Puddles and Poetry Phase I

First example installment of the Puddles and Poetry Series (uhm, without the poetry)
The Classic Mudpuddle on a Running Track is designed for maximum splash with minimal avoidance clearance.  This photo is exceptional, since the muddy puddle-silt has settled to reveal the puddle's inner cloud.  Cloud puddles are rarely so beautiful.  

puddles and poetry-017 fixed
Reservoir Running Track Mudpuddle with Clouds and Fence

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pre-Spring Mudpuddle Preview Document

Many of you mudpuddle trackers have been concerned, as have I, that certain parties may succeed in their efforts to relocate our most dedicated reflecting mudpuddles.  I use the word relocate, because we know that mudpuddles are spiritual and immortal and cannot be (ssshhhhhh--eradicated...).  They may be forced underground and out of sight, but their soul does not perish.  This puddle has lived here since the late 1800s. Thankfully this  vigorous mudpuddle remains a lusty beacon for oncoming spring.

First MudPuddle Central Park March 2 029 #2
North West Reservoir Bridle Path, March 211