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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Manarch Butterfly Rests on the Way to Mexico

Having lost the directions to the local Milkweeds, Monarch is faced with the prospect of resting amid the dizzying chrysanthemums. Thankfully, Monarch still stands out!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rain Dappled Garden Path

Is there anything more enticing than a garden path after a summer rain?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Discovering a Different Fall

I wander through the apple shadows, stepping into the secret garden
Fall chrysanthemums are stiff with color
Grasses are drying their stalks for winter
Is that an orangy goldfish there or a patched up dappled catfish?
Either way, I let it sink amid the leaves and lilies.
I close my eyes and feel a quiet melting in my frozen solar plexus
I may have dozed, I'm never sure
A puddle full of splashing sparrows wakes me up.

There's something familiar about that tweet!

“Ounce?” "Ounce!"
“You’re wet and cold! you’ll catch a chill!"
Come here!“

I don’t know what made me scold that way
It’s just I miss Ounce so and didn’t even know it.
Embarrassed by my burst, I try to slink away, when
I feel a small wet weight upon my shoulder --

“Ouch! You bit me!"

Before I can move a retaliatory inch
Ounce settles down for a soggy shoulder nap, and
There isn’t anything else to do
Except to take a leafy walk in the golden speckled afternoon.


Monday, September 7, 2015

The Secret Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove rests at evening in the Secret Garden sparrow pool

Mourning Dove in Secret Garden

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Central Park Photographer Resonates with Bush on the First Day of Summer

Young Photographer, who thinks she is photographing a friend, is actually completing a color-coordinated summer pagent. Sometimes it takes our Master Painter many hours and even days in preparation for such a display.
Reflections in Red

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rainbow Blessings

This Blessing Rainbow has momentarily stopped to rest in the fountain mists of the Conservancy Italian Garden. Notice the collection of Innocent  Bystanders-- or bysitters, if you will --totally unaware of their blessings!  They are being showered with rainbow spirit-blessings that will  travel with them forever, as they make their way along their worldly paths.

Mystical Blessing Rainbow Watching Over Resting Cyclist

Blessing Rainbow Creating Happiness in Fountain Sitters

Mission for the Day

(note: this mission may take a little longer than a day, since sometimes it's not that easy to find the proper spot where a Blessing Rainbow is staying)

  1. Go outside when the sun is up and shining.

  2. Locate a source of running or spraying water. You may locate sprinklers, fountains, (include drinking fountains), droplets on the edge of a leaf....

  3. Position yourself between the water and the sun. You may have to move near, back up, go slightly left or right.

  4. When you catch sight of a Blessing Rainbow, bask in the joy of discovery

  5. Walk on, knowing that you are traveling in an unseen cloud of Rainbow Blessings.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's LIfe, Just LIfe, It's as Simple as That

Passion slicing into waiting cells
I-ching tossing wake up dreams
No more pickup-stix with broken spirits

It is him, just him, that's what it seems
A base note playing with a rare perfume
A tangle full of top notes, singing

Almost as though it were actually me
Is this the way it ought to be
This is the way of the inside me

That movie-raptured side of me
Chondrial self without the layers
Dharma self, made up of chi

Living in a palomino day
Soaking with the breath of life
sinking Into the sunny layer
Into who am I am I me am I you am I
Yes! Oh how I want that way to be

Rusty leaves, dry stalks and slippery greens
Pulsing with the drum of life
Transparent with the juice of winter apples.

Italian Garden, Conservancy Garden, New York Central Park

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Of Coming and Going and Reserection

I once was a flower of spirit & elan
I can’t remember when
I was part of a cluster of beauty you see
But I didn’t see it then
I think I had a sweet bouquet
But I can’t remember when
My beauty faded, like it does
I regret it now and then
I lost my petals and fell to the ground
I’m not sure what happened then
Somehow this summer I came back again
But I can’t remember when!

Snowball bush in the Secret Garden -- 2013

Mission for the day:
1. Select a time when you should be doing something else
2. Breath deeply. In......Out. Iiiiiiinnnnn..... Out...
3. Picture a clock in your mind.

(how many of you pictured an alarm clock with a bell on top?)

4. Now think: Tick! jump! Tock! jump! Tick! jump! Tock!!
5. Finally, recall the quiet, sweeping second hands of old...... tiiccckkkktocccckkktiiccckkkktocccckkk

May you be blessed sweeping petals and slowly changing things, ( was a bloom with esprit and élan,)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nothing Says May Like Lilacs!

If on your travels today you stumble upon a lilac, breath deeply and remember another spring day, almost like this very one, when a lilac walked into your heart.

May Lilacs in the Conservancy Gardens, Central Park

Friday, May 3, 2013

Steps crossing the muddy trail,
antelope caught by the teeth,
stripped down to the bloody footprints.
Is there no lust for love, no painful beauty?
How did I misplace the pulsing day?
Take me to the crossroads one more time,
for I require another chance.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Need to Weed!

Stippity steppity stoop.
I’m always out of the loop.
Whatever goes on,
If I’m right or I’m wrong,
I’m always outside of the group!

The other day
I happened to say
A thing or two
About what we should do
About saving the day.

Not any old day, no, not any at all!
This particular day that’s about to befall
Us is laden with flowers and birds everywhere,
With their pollen and tweets and their devil may care,
And their buds and their twigs and their pre-summer sprawl--
We’ve seen nothing like this since the mess last fall!

Before it’s too late we should mow, we should prune!
We should spray, we should weed, and we must do it soon.
Let it go till tomorrow
And much to our sorrow
The fields and the trails and the streets will be strewn
With Petals! with roots! spirea! and yarrow!

Central Park Italian Garden, Spring 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Post title

It’s the daily-ness that wore me down,
the over and over and on and on.

Winter thudding along, mashing thoughts of spring into the muddy creases,

Waiting, waiting. Will nothing ever happen?
I am frozen like fingers on a frost-bit doorknob.
No don’t try to open it, I’ve tried.

Oh, it’s the daily-ness of winter, where is spring?
How can I stop this brain-dead dialog,
conjuring up a wrinkled copy of last year’s anticipation?
Can't I give it one more try?
Force out one more inaudible day?

Waiting on the curbs and playgrounds,
watching through the doors and windows,
trudging after draining, unmet expectations
along that repetitious path into another afternoon.

I saw the yellow first and then that somehow different green:
transparent, sun-lit, red-tipped, replicating life.
Sun slanting and shifting through the afternoon showers,
breaking into rainbows.

English Conservancy Garden, April 2013

English Conservancy Gardens, Central Park April 2013

Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Rose

 Just in time, 
it's Autumn Rose's turn

Conservancy Garden Roses in Late October

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is it too Late to Fall in love Again?

I saw the coolness come before I heard it;
a small thinning in the sound,
a sight cut along the edges. 
I could almost trace the tiny modulation
back to its beginning, with that slithered criticism,
and that red tongue snapping at the skin.
Is there still time to double back along the  harvest path? 

Dusk below the conservancy gardens

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Incredible Power of Lilies

Nature comes up with the most incredible things! What are the lily pads doing with fuzzy strings around the edges? Where did that purple and blue come from? And that sun filled center? It’s unbelievably creative and beautiful. No wonder those biologists have so much fun-- Flora, Fauna, Wow!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Butterflies Vanish Into Freedom

It was a perfect day for butterflies: sunny but not too hot, crisp and clear with fall touching the secret garden.  I took Butterflies to the garden by bus, and the moment their wings felt the sun they opened at rest for the first time in their lives.  I wanted to take a photo of their leaving the safety of the netting, but when I opened the top they fluttered out. When I turned to look back they were gone.  The third one sat a moment on the edge and vanished away.  Split Wing, the last butterfly, was last to think of leaving.  Finally, it too fluttered away as gracefully as any and went away in a peaceful flutter.

Their photos here are when they are still resting on the bottom in their netting home.  Each took a last nourishment for its journey, a final sip from the orange slices and blossoms filled with sugar water. 



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today I Wake Up Dreaming

I see a tingle, over there along the graveyard gravel,
inching through the spirit spaces, envy raging.
Waking up a day ahead and a day before.
A clay dream, cast in rolling hissing mud-stained patched up
     cross-hatched yesterdays;
trapped in the remnants of a horseshoe crab.

Or do I wake up dreaming on a shore with lemon grass?
Shining in the satin shallows
Thriving in the seaweed
Chasing marlin in blue waters
Love cross-stitched across the morning
Closing up the hallowed edges.

Untermyer Fountain, French Conservancy Garden
The sculpture came to Central Park in 1947 after the death of Samuel Untermyer. It is a cast of the original. Just how Untermyer acquired the sculpture from the Berlin original or had the cast made remains a mystery. (The Official Website of Central Park)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Love in the Conservancy Gardens

Two Petunias in the South Garden