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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Narcissist Seducing Puddle

Among the more beautiful puddles is the genus Puddlus Narcissisis Seductivus also known colloquially as  Prison Puddle.  Prison Puddles are capable of capturing reflections for days and sometimes weeks, thus freezing the reflected entity in space and time.  The only escape is for the reflected one to tear itself away from its beautiful image long enough to effect a release.  .

puddles and poetry-011

The Game Begins! April throws out the first beautiful haze of spring

Late March cold Rains have fled, bringing in April showers of Spring beauty
bryant park buildings 013
Second Magic Tree, behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cosmic Egg Disguised as a Puddle (Rare Photo)

Cosmic Egg, from whence all creation is, takes on many masks -- the gourd, the jar, the lotus, the golden and the eagle's egg to name a few.  The rarest mask of all, however, is the Cosmic Egg Puddle captured here for the very first time.

First Cosmic Egg gestates the creators of the world: Zeus, Chaos, Pangu, Thoth, Brahman, Khepri, Earth Diver, Ka, the Apportioner....Now each and every year the offspring of Cosmic Egg are born  to ensure the rebirth of Creation.

As you can see, Cosmic Egg Puddle is bursting with life, moving, vibrating, and if you hold your ear very close you will hear the whisperings of new life, new love, and new joyful beginnings.. 

Universal egg

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where are You, Now!

Come towards me faster!  Faster Now! 
I can't stay inside this Greying winter frame another month.
There is no waiting, don't you see? 
My twigs already rage with sap
My roots are swelling, growing
How can I pull  the rich air into my hollow bones?
I crave the smells I need the watered air 
I yearn for green and apple pink!
Come now come closer now I ache for spring
I long to grow I need to grow into a new dimension 
I am full with life and bursting!
Where are my buds? 
What shall I do with all this magic life?

Magic Tree-2 086 Feb 2011
Magic Tree from the North Reservoir Path, Almost-Spring 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

In the Crooks and Forks of a Magic Tree

There’s something about a Magic Tree that moves beyond complexity.
I see a trunk of an aging tree, but it’s not so simple as that you see.
Is that shivering twig an omen to be?
Did that gnarly limb reach out at me?
Did that twig-finger point surreptitiously?
Did you see that specter phantom sigh?
Or was that a figment of the eye?

Yet look over there in the crook of a branch
Do you see that wish with a second chance?
That hollow near the warty burl,
Is that a hibernating squirrel?
Look over at that thing on the right,
I think I see an inner light!
And near that fork with the melting snow,
There’s a shelter for those with no place to go.
There’s a landing pad in the upper right,
Where a passing raven might rest for the night.
And if you wander nearby on your way, there’s a hollow of magic just waiting to say,
The thing you need most to hear that day.

Then one day by the fire when it's time to recover, you’ll find a small sliver of something or other,
Let it carry you back to that time sublime, with its parsley sage rosemary and thyme.

after christmas 019
About 83rd, behind the Museum of Modern Art

Monday, December 27, 2010

Late Afternoon, Boxing Day

Our Magic Tree waits in the snow for the dark sparrows to feed

boxing day 001

boxing day 008

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection
Copy of orthodox church iphone 007

orthodox church iphone 004
59 East Second Street, New York, NY 10003

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Mysterious

See the softly colored circling leaves?  They're a telltale sign of a hollow.
See how the trunk twists to move the hollow closer to the lovers on the path?
There's a thought behind the turning.
See the gnarly, shaggy trunk of bark, broken from the slow pirouetting eons?
Yes, that's the final, crucial sign. 

Mysterious is a Magic Tree, with caverned trunk and maple leaves and a hollow full of sorcery.

iPhoneNovemberEllisIsland 049
Behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art, November