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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Candid shot of Squiva Leaving the Daffodil Patch

Update Squiva Shoot:  Squiva had to leave the tree in order to go home, and I refused to carry her/him!  I snapped this photo, but of course I couldn't use it.  After all, Squiva is a union squirrel, and I agreed to certain regulations required by the National Union of The Squirrel.  Well, after a period of consideration to allow Squiva to calm down, I showed him or her the photo.   Squiva thought and thought, and looked at the tail.   At last, we made the deal

squiva leaving the shoot

Monday, March 29, 2010

Agitated Sky with Hidden Daffodil

Here is our magic tree with its pet rock, returned after a storm - lashed voyage to ...somewhere

A Daffodil of One's Own

The hunt is on! Where were they planted? Here, there? Down the hill, past the yellow tree, next to the fence by the smallest tree? But which smallest tree? Which fence? It's not as though you have a nice row with a stake holding up a seed packet!

Thank goodness we put a chopstick next to some of them, but the wood chipper has been here. Could this be one of ours? And there it is--barely sticking up, bitten and short, but with 'volunteer' clearly etched in ballpoint.

daffodil near tree
Can you believe it? How beautiful is our very own daffodil. I know lucky Wordsworth saw ten thousand at a glance but I can't think of anything more happy-making than a single, tall, slightly eaten daffodil of one's own.

cropped daffodil