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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Bran-New Year!

I feel opened up and unwrapped today;
did that every happen to you?
When that heady concoction of Life just begun
comes into your heart and begins to outrun
the Sadness and Madness,
the Sorrowful Brew,
that had captured my mind for an eon or two,
before I recovered and finally knew,
If I spent just a few of these moments with you,
I could vanquish each dissonant thing that I'd done,
when I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do
with the what and the why and the who.
Let’s close up 2012 with a joyful adieu.
lt’s a gorgeous New Year,
and it’s waiting for You!

20121227-new year poemDSC_2427.jpg
South Park, Southern Colorado in December

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let me touch the day with you.

Just take my life, I hand it over, palm full and pulsing.
I have no stories to tell anymore,
No more backups and no more clogs,
no retrievals, and no Aha!s

They went down the drain with the last hurrah;

Give me the point of the captured moment,
when the day is lost in the stars.
Give me the time for letting go,
When faith is as real as a unicorn,

Tell me the way to carry you with me
In the puddled sway of eternity.
Show me the season for a peak at life
and a burnished turn of events as well,
come with me into the space between
the ring of truth and the tolling bell.

Harlem Meer from 109th and Fifth Avenue

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Book of Months

Ship shape and able, I set out upon the waters of spring to earn my living as a lover of life; happy eyed and full of tumbled joy.  

boxing day 002Life and golden days ensued with nary a drop of sooty rain. 
May came in with blood red tulips and new love, oh what a May.
The June days swept by long and lovely,
July waded in with thick air and a promise.
August had that pushy frankfurter smell, and squeaky hot carouselous days.
September walked on stage with a serious note and a book.
October was almost too cavernous to bear with its skeletal revealings and its eaten leaves with frayed stems. 
November is a waiting month, things dim, and nothing seems to happen.
Now, it is December with that false glee and artificial lightness born from dark closed-in evenings with blue reflections and sometimes a warm fire with a mate, ending with a weary ribbon.
I remember those Januaries past with their stark colorless streets and brown lacy weeded edges in the countryside, hopelessly shortened days hunting for a point. 
February spends its days flicking lighters, trying for a yellow flame and a pink dawn harbinger. 
Do you remember March?
April comes along with a bit of a gleam and a snowdrop on the wing. 
Can we bear another May of breaking beauty, petal soft with burning scissored love and longing? 
Ah, June.  Now there’s a Month!
boxing day 009

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best of Days and a Beech Tree

Is there another thing better than a winding path with a friend and a bench and a lamp waiting?
1 aug 014

1 aug 014

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Beauty in Shades of Green

The grasses are still wet and green, but the trees are slimming down for the fall. The boughs are somehow see-through instead of lush, wet and wiping green.

Remember summer with the dark green leaves heavy on the boughs? And early spring with the quiet, delirious points of green. Remember the tiny gingko leaves, perfectly formed, and the Oak leaves all spring green and barely born?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Memory of Trees

My apple tree at home was the best tree in the neighborhood. The apples were firm and crispy tart.

I loved that tree. Full and red with apples. Full and pink with blossoms. You must go look. The leaves are getting quietly sere. Thinner, now, and we can see the grass on the hill over there where the linden trees are, across the way. full and dark limbed with white snow, Icicles! Frosty windows! Ditches and leaves and mica studded sand.