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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Is it Rain? Is it Snow? Is it Slush? No! It's ...


EXTRA!  Our ever-inventive Weather Persons have discovered a new kind of sloppy.  It's thundersnow!  It's thundering, It's slushy! It is drizzling, snowing, and sleeting!  The rain is freezing; the wind is pushing people around at 20 to 50 miles an hour!

Yet nothing, no nothing, can keep our wet, windblown and frozen-fingered  New York  lovers from crossing the street,

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Nose to tail, nose to tail, white elephants resting at the roadside edge,
Wait! Is that what I think it is? That pinkish blurry image in the road?
Yes! Definitely!
It is a puddle!
A wet wonderful icy puddle!
How divinely winter.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Brave Buds

Sweet green bud wrapped tight as a new umbrella
sneaking out from winter covers
betting its life on another spring.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Continuing Saga of Green, the Sinclair Station Protector

Our hardy photographer was again exploring the myths and sagas of the Ancient West, when he or she snapped this amazing shot of Green, the legendary protector of the Sinclair station in Southern Colorado.  The rumor is (probably) true!!   Every now and then, just once in a while, Green steps away from his daily vigil and his nightly nap to wander the midnight streets of Fairplay.  Notice the slight turn of the head, the tiny smile, the mischievous gleam of the eye. 


To re-enjoy the origin legend of Green, see


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

On Making Deliveries in Snow

Jiggity, Jaggity Jergety,  hoo!
I’m bringing a pizza to you, to you.
There’s ice, there’s snow
No safe place to go
I’m lost in the fog
I’m stuck with this job
I’m trapped out at night
I’m getting frost-bite
I’m ready to sob
I’m too old for this job!!

The pizza is cold.

You’ll have to be told 
You’ll have nothing to eat
I can’t find your street!
I just want to go back to Peru, Peru
I want to go back to Peru!

pizza snow

Friday, June 12, 2015

On Re-Making Reality, or What you Will

An emotional snow doesn’t do any harm
Especially at 90 degrees.
With a wet underarm, when the weather is warm,
With no ice on the eaves, no breeze in the trees,
Let this photo snowstorm act as your unicorn,
To re-write the day (in its usual way)
To conform to a happier norm…

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time Warp Tree

This piece of Urban Flora is a prime example of a Time Warp Tree.  Notice how it is confused and out of focus!  This specimen is carrying a whole forest of wilted fall leaves, and uncountable leaves that simply refused to fall.  Even the winter snow cannot discourage these soggy hangers on (or, if you like, hanger ons).  Looking carefully, we see greenish leaves still clinging on from last summer.  Notice as well the half enclosed trunk.  What is that about?

And to completely sadden one,  this Time Warp Tree is trying to shelter not tulips, not boxwood, but ice-encrusted garbage bags!  How thankless, yet noble. Time Warp Tree also appears to be wearing a tree-sized friendship bracelet.  Sigh.

Time Warp Tree with Red Tree-Friendship Bracelet

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Dry leaves rattle and bones click against the soft satin,
shredded by time,
A coffin day.

I don’t know what to do when it comes down to it;
Nothing seems to say itself,
It just all seems out of proportion,
There is no spring back in the touch, no sap of life,
My fingers are aching with the sadness of it.
And there’s the stupid sun, spreading itself over the morning.

Look at that.
A tree down for the winter,
Gone, gone. Gone, gone, gone.

They say the sap is just below the surface,
Sticky with life, rich, and waiting.

Colorado, Winter 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow: The Day & The Day After

Peaceful, snow-capped sentries watch over the entrance to Pace University

Pace University Entrance, New York

On the way to formerly idyllic Pace University the next day

Lexington Avenue, the day after

Monday, February 10, 2014

Escaped Suicidal Snowperson -- Beware!

This fascinating creature is a prime example of how anima arises spontaneously within matter that has been organized. Many of us (we scholars) talk of self-organizing systems, but such systems are not as easily arranged as they sound. However, the much more unusual phenomena is the purposely organized animated system.

Indeed, our researchers-at-large, in a secret laboratory hidden in an abandoned coalmine in Northeastern Pennsylvania, have manged to infuse this snowy creature with animism.

Sadly, the creature became so animated that he or she has fled the facility, and is exhibiting serious mental health issues! This cell phone photo was taken by an automobile driver cruising by.

Should you catch sight of this animated being, contact us immediately.  We will send a refrigerated truck.

florida snowman Christian
Desperate Snowperson -- Pensylvania
 (photo be brave person's relative  and donated by Christian)

** Similar words: arouse, awake, awaken, raise, rouse, stir, wake (up); activate, actuate, drive, impel, motivate, motive, move, propel; charge, electrify, galvanize; enkindle, excite, ferment, foment, incite, inflame (also enflame), instigate, kindle, provoke, set off, spark, trigger, turn on, whip (up); abet, boost, buoy, cheer, embolden, fortify, hearten, infuse, inspire, lift, rally, steel, strengthen; reactivate, reanimate, reawake, reawaken, recharge, recreate, reenergize, refresh, refreshen, regenerate, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, rekindle, renew, restimulate, resurrect, resuscitate, revitalize, revive

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Conference at the Crossroads

Accidental Pedestrians discussing one thing and another

Almost night

Thursday, January 23, 2014

On attempting to discover the steps on the way outside
Front Steps

On Attaining Footing on the Sidewalk
Sidewalk and Tree Bed

On Achieving a Restaurant that is Opened
Complete Strangers Dining in a Turkish Restaurant

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Moment in the Life of "Bodie, the Border Collie"

I have to have my sustenance; it's not about me.
All day I’ve been out herding, so I’m thirsty, you see.
I’ve been herding here and herding there,
Herding birds and rabbits,
But I can't keep them anywhere.
They have such terrible habits!
I know, I know the saying goes  ‘a watched bowl will not melt’
But what else is there for me do? This is the hand I’ve been dealt.
Maybe I could howl and  yowl and bark and learn to scratch,
Or maybe I can meditate awhile and just detach,
Or maybe I can figure out how to work the latch!
I know what’s going to happen though; I’m going to  have to eat some snow.
I know how to do it, and it isn't too bad,
Just take a bite,and sit tight, and let it melt a tad.
Crestone, back porch with Bodie

Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter on East 90th Street

Buried in disappointment I set out to trace those wanton steps,
their outlines white on white, no tea leaves left in a cup..
Crisscrossed traces staining, weaving patterns, losing track.
Winter staggering, weighted with hopes,  insides icing over.

But it was only yesterday! My honeyed heart! Dripping and sunny!
Pulling summer apples from the nourished air,
soaking up love from life like a wick.

How could I misplace that happy glue that spackled up my soul?
Where is the relentless sap that limbers up these stiffened winter limbs?
My mind can see a thousand years, why can’t I see around that corner?

20140103-snowy night street east 90.jpg
On East 90th Street, looking West

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Classic Off Road Vehicle, Crestone Style!

Nothing is surprising in Crestone, including the delicate colors and incredible mountain beauty.

20131225-_AAC0359.jpg by dmil0

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Innocent Snow Being Heading Toward--Oh My Gosh! It's a.... a ... a ... a......

Snow Being goes by many names:  Little Foot, since she or he leaves no trace; Snow Drop, since he or she appears only when snowflakes stick to the Earth just so; Fare-Thee-Well, since perfection is its natural state.  Nobody knows where Snow dwells, although there are those who say there is a darkened burrow near an unknown station in a tunnel of the IRT.  The scary, wide-eyed snow being is seldom seen, and often considered to be a myth. 

Nobody knows the temperament of Snow; nobody interferes; nobody photographs, nobody records for fear of ramifications.  However, as we know, absolutely nothing, can deter our fearless and sensitive photographer from the action scene--not snow, not cold, not a scary situation. 

Hark!   Sensing danger, our Brave Photographer rushes outside, and Lo! There is Snow Being, creeping with perplexity toward a dark, round something in the road.  Our photographer, confused by Snow's hesitation, looks carefully.  There, in the middle of the snow-lined tracks, is an Evil Person Hole-Cover!  Never would our sensitive photographer interrupt an innocent Snow Being, but what else could she do? Snow Being's very life was in difficulty!  Flash! went Brave Photographer.  Click!  Click! 

Frightened for her/his life, Snow fled to safety, leaving us the only known and documented reflection of her Being.

Innocent Snow Being on 94th Street unknowingly facing Evil Person Hole-cover

Thursday, February 21, 2013

That Elusive Dream

I know it’s the way I am looking at things,
So I think I’ll change my mind.
The arrows and slings that fortune brings
Are the usual kind, I find, so
I’ve decided to change the way I project,
The way I project, the way I detect
To ways positively inclined, so

When fate seems determined to screw up the week
I'll just give my perceptions a suitable tweak!
If plans go awry and we're sadly depressed
Well, perhaps we are actually just being blessed
With a chance to redeem that unfulfilled dream
We may have in our hearts and yet never expressed.

snow and stars-DSC_2460.jpg
New York Kentucky Coffee Tree on a Winter Night

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Walking your Dog in Nemo Blizzard

Winter storm Nemo on East 94th:  1 AM in the middle of the street.

Nemo at 1:30 AM in NYC