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Monday, May 26, 2014

Obsession in the Rain

Lights driven into blurry splashes by the blotchy rain
Car parked against the bushes on the beach road edge
An old abandoned mailbox.
Quiet now! Pushing through the bushes
Hand snagged by a cat-like thorn.
Surf reaching up, bubbles latching into the sand
Swish-- ssssssssssss. swishsh--ssssssssssss
Take the shortcut down.
Alone - black water - barefeet
Broken glass hidden in the clam shells.
Grey dune house with wooden stairs
Feel him watching - yellow smoke - ashy cigarette
Examine an indentation in the sand
Pretend it’s only a happenstance occasion
Oh! Hello, I didn’t see you coming down the wooden stairs
Or maybe, Ah! I thought that might be you
Or, Oops! I lost a lot of somethings earlier along this stretch.
Can you carry me back to a brand new safe-mode start?