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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Pigeon Chronicles

The Pidgeon Chronicles, Missive IV

Perhaps you missed missives I-III, I know I did [See Footnote].

Nevertheless, I am here to report I have suffered enough!

As an Urban Volunteer, I embarked on my annual Tree Bed planting obligation, and I completed my task 11 days ago:

  1. Plant shade-adoring impatiens: Done!
  2. Plant with a growing moon: Done!
  3. Plant in loose soil: Done!
  4. Water and fertilize well: Done!
  5. Plant 6 inches apart: Done!

By now there should be happy buds and a few new blooms. But No! I have simply watched the existing blossoms wane away with the waxing moon.

Well!Later that same afternoon I discovered  Pigeon sitting on one impatiens and nibbling on another.

Stricken, I yelled and shooed. Pigeon moved a few inches. I flapped and waved, and that Very Pigeon hopped to my next tree bed over! I ran indoors to notify the Pigeon Police, but by the time they arrived with the net, that Very Pigeon was gone.

Well, this happened three times in a row, and now the Pigeon Police will not even answer their cell. I mean, I am not crying Wolf! And I am not crying Pigeon! I need some simple help!

Desperately in need of rest and solace,
Your Urban Volunteer

[Footnote] You may locate one or more of these missives in the PidgeonParallax archives. These are particularly useful if you have several conflicting views of a pigeon.
That Very Pigeon, hiding from the Pigeon Police ( near the river )
Beautiful Tree Bed

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tracking the Urban Volunteer

Amazing!!!  For many, many years, the Authorities have been searching in vain for this unidentified Urban Volunteer.  She is wanted in several cities across the Northeast for unauthorized vigilante feeding of native Flora and an occasional Fauna. 

Notice the furtive posture and the heavy dark glasses-- both known markers of an Urban Vigilante Volunteer.    Although --call her Madam UVV-- has attempted at the last moment to hide behind a branchlet, it isn't a really successful choice.

I hesitate to publish this photo, But it is clearly in our best interests to allow these Urban Vigilante Volunteers to retain their freedom.  After all, somebody has to see that the appropriate things are getting done. 

Therefore, be on the lookout.  If you chance upon Madam UVV or another Vigilante Volunteer, please provide them a quiet, unobtrusive warning.

Urban Vigilante Volunteer --incognito