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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Park Avenue Tulip Platter

There are many successful ways to serve tulips. One of the most popular is the Park Avenue Red Tulip Platter featured here in duplicate. Diners are warned, of course, to avoid taxicabs and to obey all traffic signals.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Something Happened in My Head Last Night

Something happened in my head last night;
I expected it to happen in my heart.
That’s what I thought was at stake, you see,
My heart and maybe my soul.
These spike-like holes opened up in my head.
Dark, I thought they were black!
I walked my spirit through one of them
And it filled itself with light.

pink tulip above boarhouse20130505-DSC_2955.jpg
Urban Planted Tulip Above the Boathouse, circa 2008

By Request: Park Avenue Tulips Sans Darkly

Red tulips on park avenue 20130427-DSC_2921.jpg

Park Avenue Tulips: Through a dark glass

B&W tulips 20130427-DSC_2921.jpg

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yellow Tulips and an Afternoon Poem

It happened in a newborn moment
sparkling with imbroglios of fortune
catching you with snaggles,
burying their burning tendrils in your palm.

Where is the symphony, the opera and the rat-tat-tat?
Would you settle for that field of growing grain?
Stalks whiskered with morning dew,
breaking the sunlight into laughter,
your touch as dear as astrophysics.

yellow tulip nine years old .jpg
Yellow Tulips, Genus Sureptitious, 9 years old!!