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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Can that Ache Be Filled with Temporary Solutions? also: William Glackens

What happens when the singing brook slows to an alto winter,
When fall dips into the frozen places?
How do I fill the space between those temporary satisfactions,
Those amorous sauces, dripping from fragrant cedars?
How do I keep old reeking thoughts from sneaking into the intervals?

Do not think back to the bygone days of ho ho ho’s and turkeys,
Do not go charging in between the status and the quid pro quos,
Do not be trapped in that gnarled landscape,
Bitten away from the valves of life,
Take care!

When life is sailing along in the straits,
When the winds sing out through the rigging,
When honey flows into the pantry loaves,
When today’s new ghosts haunt up the holds,
When the day is alive for the living,

Abandon your cares to the wind and the fates,
Abandon the helm to the life it creates,
Take care!

William Glackens, American, 1870-1938, wash and graphite on paper:Fleet of Transports just before the start, Tampa Bay, June 13 1898--Prints and Photographs Division
LIbrary of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coney Island, June 15

One sky looking down with clouds missing,
Spirit winds blowing in the empty spaces,
No hiding behind, no holding back, no letting be.
Listening for old sounds in the waters,
barely hearing the here and now,
Cutting away at the stains of memory.

Mama Nyaah


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Skimming Along the Surface of the Matter

These days I skim along the surface
floating and swimming in the upper inches
no snorkel and of course no weights and tanks.
No clever bottom views for me, no sneaky stinging jellyfish
no broken veins and vessels just below the surface of the matter.
Floating along beneath the heady balmy moist warm sun
I hear splashing out beyond the breakers.

Do not drill down through soft torn pieces.
Don't you touch that swollen, stick-like thing,
tucked in the muddy bottom feeding maw;
I said don’t stir it up!
Silty billowy mud-swarms up like acrid dirty arson smoke,
Spewing fires at the ragged edge of town,
Freight train blowing, parallaxing paraphrasing paralyzing


Soft waves lapping like they said they did.

skimming along the surface of the matter_AAC0023.jpg
Skimming Along Lexington Avenue

Friday, July 19, 2013

Life is easier in the doing than the thinking.

Did you ever have a time in your life when the ages of your life were switching back and forth, oscillations all over the place?  I have!  Past returning again and again, mid years tumbling over each other, today a sort of happenstance..

Time circling, head reeling
Panoramas bending in
Where did I lose my timing?
Before, after, synchronize!
Spinning in a daze of might-have-beens
Where is the middle way?
Years flashing, streaking, blurring
Over and over, one more time
Pennies dropping, arrow hovering
Lead ball closing in.
Sea grass tumbles in the evening sun
Wet roots, clammy with potential.
Shall I double down on the red today
Or hope against hope for a black?
The colors are running, the dye is cast
Just one more quarter turn!

Sag Harbor -DSC_3218.jpg
Atlantic Ocean at Sag Harbor

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dateline: Sag Harbor

Serious Photographer trying out the New Media on the local Ocean and Moon

Edith on the Beach