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Monday, April 3, 2017

Brave Buds

Sweet green bud wrapped tight as a new umbrella
sneaking out from winter covers
betting its life on another spring.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I don't know what it is, I never saw it before!  Maybe it's one of those dangerous immigrant things from over there!

Oh well, it is kind of cute. Let's wait a while, and see.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Past Tense Life, hmmm

My past-tense life, full of dangling participles,
A closet full of un-done novels, waiting for their final edit.
Shoe laces frayed from long gone hide and seeks.
Again, again, I see it all, stinging the air in front of my eyes;
Cracking, shattering, splitting, fading,
Finally the here and now again.
I see it all. I do from time to time,
I conjure up an arrow, cat gut pulling—
Don’t let me go!
I see my flabbergasted sinews dangling loose,
Their life swooshing toward some unknown target.
No bulls eye here for me!
Should I have stayed with that simple dartboard after all?
Well, now here I am, a feather for a friend,
Sinking into a spring-green branch.
What time is it anyway? ‘63 in Paris? Or Milan in ‘71?
Why drag that blackened coal-shoot past
Into this sparkling, solar-driven day?
It’s time to let those finite multi-sided polygons
Leap for their circles at last!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Speed Reading

A blank page has nothing, no nothing at all,
but it makes itself over with letters and scrawl,
nevertheless it remains quite pristine
on the edges and margins and spaces between
all those letters and such that don’t matter much
so if I recall it at all
then one word in twenty is plenty.

Early (really early) Magnolia buds in Conservancy Garden

I've sped read through more books than I can count, and I am really and truly great at it. I have become so proficient that I need only drive by a bookstore to read a book, much like ConEd reads meters. (You may not be aware of the special radio-frequency chips inserted in the spines of most best sellers.) So of course I think you should try it!

Here's How: Open your eyes wide, and focus on your smart phone (how do you think that phone got so smart? Downloads!) Anyway, focus, focus. Concomitantly, Flick the pages past with a suitable finger; I prefer the two middle finger method.

Now, work hard at remembering a few of these senders. Orbitz? Home something? Restoration Hardware? I'm sure you can recall your own favorite fly-bys.

Have a beautiful day with snow and sparkle