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Monday, July 14, 2014

Beauty Wrapped in a Blossom (guest photo by Larry C.)

One day I chanced to see
a blossom the way it was to a bee,
and the way it was to a butterfly,
who fluttered over by and by.
A lady bug climbed a nearby sprout
to see what all the fuss was about.
Well, "beauty is as beauty does",
and the reason it does is Just Because!

Summer Solstice Cresone Flower--Photo byLarry C.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


There is no need
No more empty places
Warm, full with peace
Undone by love
I am Saturated

January Full Moon Rising over Crestone (Larry Calloway)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Lunches

“Would you like the Eyeballs? They’re our special today
Sticky or slimy or choose your own way”
I thought the young waiter was kidding you see
So I said I’d take breaded with crackers and brie
(tee-hee-hee, tee-hee-hee, tee-hee-hee).
When he served those round balls they were dark at one end
and they looked so alive I began to pretend
they were olives or something, and not what they seemed
when off in the distance just then someone screamed!
“They’re mine! They were mine! And now I can't see!"
That's a terrible thing to tease someone like me!
I’m a delicate person and sensitive, too,
It’s clear you are steering away from what’s true,
You’re veering away from the matter at hand!
Oh my gosh what has happened to you?
Is it gone? Are you sure? Is there nothing to do?
And just then within reach was a terrible screech!
“There’s a crunch in my lunch!
It’s a long bendy thing.,,
No it’s not just a thing, it’s a thing with a ring!
Agha agh! Gag-agagh, just what am I chewing?”
Something awful has happened, I can’t help construing
a hunch that her lunch was unscanned!.
Not an eel, nor a squid, nor a gland
But a hand.

It might just grow back; I hear tell that they do!

Christian in Forksville IMG_00000115
Photo by Christian: Forksville PA

Photo by Linda Jo: Litchfield pumpkine rests on the UES

halloween gabrielle IMG715
PHoto by Gabrielle: Alabama

halloween gabrielleIMG716
Photo by Gabrielle: Spirit rising

halloween Gabrielle IMG738
Photo by Gabrielle: Spirit still encased in it's corporal condition.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On the usefulness of pans placed on fence posts (it's Crestone....)

Some things make perfect sense, especially in Crestone Colorado!

20121225Bowl on a post in Crestone -DSC_2388.jpg
Snow Resting on Pan on Fencepost in the Mornng
Dark-eyed Junco sitting on Pan of Resting snow on top of Fencepost in Late Afternoon

20130112-Junko in a bowl on a post in Crestone larry's jynco.jpg
Dark-eyed Junco sitting on Pan of Resting
now on top of Fencepost in Late Afternoon (photo ©

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Capped Buddha, Guest Photo by Pat K. of Edmonton

A wintry Buddha with a promise of a hopeful spring 
Edmonton home Snowy Buddha Pat 100
©Pat Kvill of Edmonton

Snowy Bow Bridge in Central Park, Guest Photo by Alan Schein

The most gorgeous photo of Central Park's Bow Bridge: Fresh, snowy and lamp-touched
AlanShein CP bridge winer

©Alan Schein of New York:

Winter in Estes Park Colorado, Guest Photo by Vera

Beautiful crispy winter day in Estes Park,  2010
Vera Estes park dnld1207 019
©Vera, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rare Archival Photo of Our Squiva's GrandPapa

I was amazed and a little shocked to receive this original photo of GrandPapa Squiva.  He is so like his Grandchild, yet unmistakably not  Our Squiva.  As you probably know, Our Squiva comes from a long line of theatrical people.  Indeed, GrandPapa Squiva was a founding member of the National Union of The Squirrel.  This rare photo is from GrandPapa's youth, when he was still doing extra work.  It  is extracted and enlarged from a Life Magazine advertisement for Tufty FluffyTail Squirrel Educational Cartoons (or a Look advertisements for Mixed Planter's Nuts).
squiva's ancestor
From the Archives of Ahouva Rubenstein