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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Rainbow Fountain, Conservancy Garden, Central Park

Our graceful Rainbow plays for a moment in the Italian Garden Fountain. As you can see, Rainbow is already vanishing back into its transparent spirit home. Fortunately, our brave photographer arrived just in time!

A fall afternoon in the Italian Garden

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Fountain Full of Fractals

Fractals! They’re those never-ending patterns that “display self-similarity…in all scales”. In mathematics, a self-similar object is exactly or approximately similar to a part of itself.*

Is there no rest for the self-centered? Do you want to know how to be a fractal? Just do the same stupid thing over and over!

And this rainbow we are talking about.
There is the very same self-similar rainbow in each tiny droplet and packet of drops and fountain of drops! And there you have the essence of it; the soul of it if you will. The rainbow, in fact,
 is immortal.

Do you remember how to discover a rainbow? First locate body of water (a dew drop will do). Position yourself between the drop and the sun, and sooner or later there it will be. Of course it’s been there all along. A soul waiting for the right circumstances.

Fractal Fountain in the Italian Garden of the Conservancy; Central Park

*Somewhere on the web…

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Afterglow of Summer

Outsized, outgunned, outmaneuvered all around
Out of luck, out of gas, inside out and upside down
Uprooted, unsettled, unintended consequences
Lone wolf, lady luck, leans into the circumstances
Gotta run, gotta, go, gotta take it nice and slow.
Season’s changing, rearranging,
Summer time in the afterglow.Rainbow 20130928-DSC_3646.jpg
Wedding party and lost fisherman in Conservancy Garden (slanted to the right)