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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Squiva Climbs a Tree

Squiva was so busy with modelling jobs during the holiday season that there was really no time to say hello.  Things are quieting down somewhat, and Squiva let me take this picture.  Actually, another photographer was paying the fee, but Squiva decided it would be all right for us to print this surreptitious photo.  "After all" said Squiva, "I might just be climbing a tree because I'm climbing a tree."   See how beautiful and round Squiva has become for winter? 
Squiva 007

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking Ounce for a Walk

It has been awhile since I took little Ounce for a walk, so I went about searching in the usual places.  Ounce was playing in the Rambles just above the Boathouse and was so excited!  You know how Ounce likes to play in water and usually we find a puddle and go for a swim, if it isn't too deep. I explained that it is now winter.  The day was simply too cold, so I took us to the Boathouse for a warm drink.

Poor Ounce was so disappointed!  I found a french fry, but it just wasn't the same. 

park dec 20 020

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rocky, A Sculpture Created in Rock

Meet Rocky, an exciting varietal example of the genre of sculpture often called Rock.  Essentially, rock sculptures are composed of one or more rocks.  Central Park is built on a strata of rock called schist*.  Schist forms the rocky outcroppings in the Park.

Rocky is ancient, and has been crafted over the eons to symbolize the creation of mind, matter and soul  Look carefully and you may discover a special talisman all your own.

park dec 20 016
nature-made sculpture
The Rambles, mid park and 76th street

*Schist definition, any of a class of crystalline metamorphic rocks whose constituent mineral grains have a more or less parallel or foliated arrangement.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revisiting the Crime Scene

Our heroic photographer, ever brave & courageous, entered the Secret Garden to seek out the rim of the formidable lily pond, where only months earlier she had been submerged.  Alas, the true extent of danger stared her down.  The pond is practically three feet deep!

She stalwartly balanced on the rim once more and fearlessly snapped at this chilly scene. 
The English Garden in the Southern part of the Conservancy Gardens
December 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Individuals Counting Members of A Fuzzy Set of Mudpuddles

I love the foreverness of mudpuddles, and I certainly cannot resist an entire fuzzy set of them! Why is our set of forever mudpuddles fuzzy?  Why is it not a crisp set?


First of all, because I am a fuzzy-set sort of person. 

In a fuzzy set, one doesn't know whether an element (mudpuddle) is a member of the set or not,  because we have incomplete or missing information.  We do not know for certain, for example, whether or not Every One of our Mudpuddles is Entirely Immortal.   But, we are willing to take a chance..

In a crisp (or classical) set, an element either belongs, or does not belong, to the set. 

Personally, I like a little room for doubt~~a wee wiggle of ambiguity, if I may. 

evening 011

Fuzzy Set of Mudpuddles

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thimblefull goes on a Quest

Once upon a time, in a far away country, there lived a small tree dwelling thimblefull.
Now Thimblefull was happy enough, but the time came when that yearning angst set in.
Thimblefull wanted out.
Thimblefull wanted a romantic escapade.
Thimblefull wanted freedom,
Thimblefull wanted ….You know, that’s how angst is.

Off Thimblefull went across the grassy place, under the fall leaves.
After trudging the leafy path for awhile, Thumblefull came to a dark tunnel.
“I’ll just crawl in here and wait for dinner”, he thought, not knowing where dinner had ever come from.
Thimblefull was bright enough, but really not very smart.
After an hour or so, when no tidbits showed up to eat, thimblefull became anxious and afraid.
This had never happened before.

It seemed like a good idea to whistle.
"Whoooistle, whoooistle", said Thumblefull.
(eltsiooohw, eltsiooohw), said Something.
"What was that," said Thimblefull, and whistled again.
“Yes! Yes, it's a sound! But where is, is, is it a..She?”
Thimblefull was ever hopeful.
(whooshi-istle-tee, hee, hi there, …)
Sliding down a nearby twig was the most beautiful creature!
(my name is llufelbmith, and you’re cute), said She.
Poor Thimblefull was struck dumb!

Together, Thimblefull and llufelbmith found a sheltering bush,
with lots of tasty tidbits,
near a happy lamp.

Well, you know how it goes.
Nov29Dusk 008