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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Fountain Full of Fractals

Fractals! They’re those never-ending patterns that “display self-similarity…in all scales”. In mathematics, a self-similar object is exactly or approximately similar to a part of itself.*

Is there no rest for the self-centered? Do you want to know how to be a fractal? Just do the same stupid thing over and over!

And this rainbow we are talking about.
There is the very same self-similar rainbow in each tiny droplet and packet of drops and fountain of drops! And there you have the essence of it; the soul of it if you will. The rainbow, in fact,
 is immortal.

Do you remember how to discover a rainbow? First locate body of water (a dew drop will do). Position yourself between the drop and the sun, and sooner or later there it will be. Of course it’s been there all along. A soul waiting for the right circumstances.

Fractal Fountain in the Italian Garden of the Conservancy; Central Park

*Somewhere on the web…

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rainbow Blessings

This Blessing Rainbow has momentarily stopped to rest in the fountain mists of the Conservancy Italian Garden. Notice the collection of Innocent  Bystanders-- or bysitters, if you will --totally unaware of their blessings!  They are being showered with rainbow spirit-blessings that will  travel with them forever, as they make their way along their worldly paths.

Mystical Blessing Rainbow Watching Over Resting Cyclist

Blessing Rainbow Creating Happiness in Fountain Sitters

Mission for the Day

(note: this mission may take a little longer than a day, since sometimes it's not that easy to find the proper spot where a Blessing Rainbow is staying)

  1. Go outside when the sun is up and shining.

  2. Locate a source of running or spraying water. You may locate sprinklers, fountains, (include drinking fountains), droplets on the edge of a leaf....

  3. Position yourself between the water and the sun. You may have to move near, back up, go slightly left or right.

  4. When you catch sight of a Blessing Rainbow, bask in the joy of discovery

  5. Walk on, knowing that you are traveling in an unseen cloud of Rainbow Blessings.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Epic Underwater Voyage

Sometimes the light dims, even in the bright days of August, and what we need is an Under Sea Adventure.

Tank (X)
Camera (X)
Flippers & mask (X)
Regulator, weight belt, wetsuit (X)
Waterproof watch good for 40 fathoms. (Who is going down to 40 fathoms? With a Timex? That’s ridiculous.)

The colors begin to filter out anyway: one by one, fathom by fathom. OK.  Let's go!

Red, two fathoms (gurgle); orange, 4 fathoms; yellow, 7 fathoms (gurgle);  wow, did you see that?  What was it?  (gurgle); green, 12 fathoms; blue.

….gurgle, gurgle….

Blue, green, gurgle, yellow, orange, gurgle, red. Full spectrum daylight!

What a trip!   What shall we do with all this equipment? Let's leave it here, someone will pick it up and sell it on Craig’s list. 

Denver09andfish fix

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission for Today: The Hunt is On!

See that rainbow? How low it is in the fountain? There is no time to waste, It's TULIP TIME!!

The best time to plant is on a growing moon, and we have no time to lose.


1. Carefully consider your supply possibilities.
2. Locate a grower you trust, go online, or go down the street to a flower shop.
3. Begin to select a bulb in your mind.  Fat, firm, alive with a tulip.
4. Search your mind for a vacant place nearby, facing the Spring Sun.


Congratulations, The Hunt Is On!

Its tulip time