Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let me touch the day with you.

Just take my life, I hand it over, palm full and pulsing.
I have no stories to tell anymore,
No more backups and no more clogs,
no retrievals, and no Aha!s

They went down the drain with the last hurrah;

Give me the point of the captured moment,
when the day is lost in the stars.
Give me the time for letting go,
When faith is as real as a unicorn,

Tell me the way to carry you with me
In the puddled sway of eternity.
Show me the season for a peak at life
and a burnished turn of events as well,
come with me into the space between
the ring of truth and the tolling bell.

Harlem Meer from 109th and Fifth Avenue

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful poem. Striking last line.