Friday, October 12, 2018

A Trunk Full Of Parrots

While walking along a normal street a couple of blocks from City Hall Park in downtown Manhattan, our Heroic Photographer came across a distressed lady wrestling with a fold-up table full of 4 very large Scarlet Macaws.

Curious, our Heroic Photographer paused and asked (stupidly),  "Do you want any help?"

"Yes!" she said.  "These are the Parrots for Peace, and I'm looking for The Demonstration."

 And how are you going to get  there? asked Heroic.

"I don't know," said parrot lady, sadly.

So our reluctant, yet helpful Heroic Photographer picked up one edge of the table.

But wait! A second onlooker wandered by-- and hesitated!

Heroic Photographer quickly ceded the table-edge, waving a happy Bon Voyage as the two new table- carriers wobbled away towards City Hall.

Mission for Today!
a. Locate a busy street corner if one is nearby.
b. Watch and Wait for about four minutes.
c. Carefully note what drives, walks, scooters and cycles by.
d. Anything unusual? If so, take a note. If not,
e. Be on the lookout!

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