Friday, July 21, 2017

Pale Lady of the Secret Garden Returns

Oh, it's great to return to my home all clean, but
Where is my dubious, shady patine?
It's great to be back in my pond alright, but
Where are the greens and the darks and the light?
Where are the dabbles and dribbles and tears,
Engraved in my gossamer over the years?

I'll start over, I guess,
and in no time at all
I'll be dripping and messy and ready for fall!

Our beautiful lady of the secret waters--returned after being scrubbed


Unknown said...

Good work. As a journalist I would, however, like to read the back story (they took her away like surgeons cleaning people's eyes).

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE this poem. :-)

LInda Jo said...

Hi y'all thank you#💛 i love creating these blogs for you.

Anonymous said...

Read again and still LOVE THIS POEM!!!