Monday, June 30, 2014

Was it Balboa? LaJolla in the 50's

Hot, muggy; it’s LA in the dusty days
Freeways everywhere
Down to La Jolla or is It Balboa?
White wood, planked piers, neat.
A beachy salt water breeze at last
Salt water smells overshadow the fish-
Looking down through an unseen world
under its blue-green cover.

A Glass bottom life.
Where was today during all those years?
Where was now back then?

50's Reprise; Coney Island 2014


Anonymous said...

Such a Summer-night photo!
Love the line " Where was today during all those years? "
Here it is right now! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't that under promenade? with the Brooklyn Bridge?
Does have a color of lights at the amusement park on the beach look to it.
I really like the cropping of the photo.

LInda Jo said...

Ah yes, those-these days! Rthank uou. Xo

LInda Jo said...

Yes! I loved the (somewhat accidental) format