Monday, April 14, 2014

Shadow Lands

Clickity klack, klickity clop, no wait. Clippity clop clippity clop. Oh, who cares? When was the last time you saw a horse clippity-ing anywhere anyway? I mean, I am spending hours in online furniture stores searching for a klik klak ratchet couch for my office. Why is this hard? Why am I doing it anyway?
It’s time for a piece of chocolate while contemplating spring shadows across the Harlem Meer.
Ahhhhh. That’s better.

Spring Shadows Across the Harlem Meer Pathway

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Anonymous said...

Yes, lovely Spring shadows and reflections and barely visible buds. And, thank God, no clip-clop as it would be disturbing to start thinking about how the horses work so hard and how I hope that the carriages will be banned soon (and hopefully replaced by charming smog/manure-free Downton Abby age replicas) and off enjoying free running in sanctuary. So all can enjoy the beautiful park, and vistas such as these with a clear conscience.