Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Geographical Cures

The clock strikes the hour, that’s what they all say
But is it eight? Is it late? Shall we call it a day?
When we met it was spring with the buds being born
Now it’s springtime again and I’m feeling forlorn.
What’s in it for me, said the mouse to the owl
“Come closer, you’ll see”, said the owl on the prowl.
“You’re burning so bright”, said the moth to the light
“Yet whatever I do you just sit there despite
All my flutters and flitters designed to excite!
Are you just too bright for a romance tonight?”
If we all only knew what to do when deluded
By fauna and flora with light bulbs included
We might satisfy a grand plan or grand mal--
The heck with it! I’m going to move to Nepal.
Things are better in Nepal,  there’s no doubt about this
I hear it all the time, "Nepal is pure Bliss".
Or perhaps a magic pumpkin patch will do  this time,
It's nearby, that's why! And the weather is sublime.

Pumpkin Patch 20131020-IMG_1034.jpg
Bunnell Farm-- Litchfield. Connecticut

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