Sunday, February 21, 2010

Human Race Tree Experiment

What I love about trees is that we all have one or two particular ones that belong to us. Yet this information often lies hidden near the soul.

Our mission today is to find the nearest Likely Human Candidate.  Approach your Candidate with a pencil and a clipboard, although a notebook will do.  Holding the pencil at the ready, inquire:

"Excuse me, I was wondering.  What was your favorite tree growing up?"

(Now we need to wait for an answer.  This is the hard part, but do not skimp.)
One- one thousand, Two- one thousand 

Carefully scribble down the answer, and thank your Likely Candidate.   You might need to offer a word of encouragement.

Be prepared to improvise, since your Candidate may wish to carry on.

Congratulations,  we have just shared a precious splash of childhood.

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